Project Description

Putney Apartment

We were invited to our client’s apartment in Putney, South West London to complete this interior design project.

Meeting the Client’s Brief

Our client asked for a total refurbishment of their Putney apartment, hoping the results would emulate the feel of a luxury hotel. We worked closely with the homeowner to create plans for their kitchen, bathrooms, storage, furniture, wooden flooring, window dressings and furnishings. Using tones of silver, grey, white, black and beige, as well as warm brown hues, our interior designers hoped to add an elegant touch to each space while achieving the right flow where rooms are all on one level.

Interior Design

Using luxurious soft furnishings and lighting, we created a homely feel throughout the apartment while incorporating ideas from the client’s brief. Delicate and simple touches have transformed each space, using the contrast between light and dark shades to achieve a welcoming atmosphere which is a pleasure to spend time in.

We also considered the practical elements of apartment living, designing each room to make the best possible use of the area. This included the installation of bespoke wardrobes to achieve more space in the bedroom. We used luxury window dressings to help bring more light into the home, and we designed each bathroom to be simple and practical yet retain a high end feel.

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